Borderline Pendant Light from Vertigo Bird

Vertigo Bird

  • $1,012.00
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Two shells are joined to form a borderline between dark and light, shade and diffusor. They’re bound by three velcro bands, leaving the shell edges free of metallic joints. When the lamp is on, the inner white shell diffuses a soft, comfortable light, while the indirect light emitted from the top gives the impression that the lamp is floating below the ceiling. The Borderline family of lamps includes floor, suspension and ceiling versions. As with the other lamps in the Borderline family, there is no need for a manual nor a screw driver for re-lamping. Simply remove the Velco strips.
  • Frame available in black or white.
  • Diffuser and shade are made of acrylic.
  • The shells are bound by Velcro strips. 


Product name: Borderline
Product code: V02012 5105
Company: Vertigo Bird
Designed by: A+A Cooren
Year of design: 2009 

Light bulb

1 x 55W T5 / Circular fluorescent

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