CG8616FH Wall Sconce Light from Dainolite


  • $498.00
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Flush mounted Mondrian lighting fixtures impart a distinct sense of designer style without requiring a great deal of space, making them perfect for rooms with lower ceilings. The design itself takes its inspiration from its namesake famous Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, whose abstract work began with a grid of vertical and horizontal lines. Here the concept is rendered in polished chrome for a reflective gleam. Mondrian fixtures offer a unique way to create a noticeable impact in a smaller space.
  • frame made of polished chrome
  • Dimensions l : 24" L : 24" P : 6" 


Product name: CG8616FH
Product code: CG616FH-PC
Company: Dainolite 

Light bulb

16x10W BI-PIN 12V 


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