Product series Artemide: Empatia

The Empatia luminaire from artemide is available as a table lamp, pendant or wall/ceiling mounted version.

Empatia is born from the union between the great tradition of blown glass and Artemide's LED technology. The great interest in the expressive potential of the material has allowed Empatia, in cooperation with the master glassmakers, to control the particular flexibility of Venetian glass and to work on the balance between surface and light, between subtle densities and transparencies. The resulting light objects are the fruit of pure craftsmanship, making each of these luminaires a unique piece. Transparency and opacity are judiciously proportioned to obtain a glass that reflects light without dazzling and without losing its effectiveness.

The result is an optical device with a high-performance LED lighting engine at its heart, positioned separately from the glass body for high efficiency and superior thermal performance.
La light is controlled with maximum efficiency and directed to the glass diffuser through a transparent tube with a very low absorption coefficient.

Empatia Table

Empatia created by Carlotta de Bevilacqua and Paola di Arianello for Artemide is the symbol of Italian excellence in design.

Empatia Suspension

The Empatia lamp combines highly advanced LED technology with the ancestral tradition of Venetian glassblowers.
Each lampshade is a unique piece handcrafted by a master Venetian glassblower. The glass is meticulously worked to reflect light optimally from all angles without dazzling.

The texture, thickness, colour, transparency and opacity of the material are measured out with great precision. Ethereal and light as a bubble, the two-tone lampshade is opaque white at the top and transparent at the bottom. The colour is dematerialised and gradually gives way to transparency, like a cloud disintegrating in the sky. Like a precious bell, the lampshade contains a treasure trove of technology at its heart: the high-performance LED in a methacrylate diffuser tube provides perfect lighting: functional and comfortable.

A transparent stem emerging from a lacquered aluminium rose window fades away to make way for a suspended globe that gives the illusion of floating in the air. In the dining room, a soft and benevolent light enhances the art of the table.
This lamp received the prestigious Wallpaper Design Award 2014.

Empatia Wall / CeilingLamp

Purified and timeless, Empatia eliminates the superfluous to highlight the essential: light. This lamp received the prestigious Wallpaper Design Award 2014.

Founded in 1960, Artemide is one of the world's leading lighting brands. Known for its philosophy "The Human Light".