Product series Martinelli Luce: PIPISTRELLO

A flight above time

Soaring becomes an icon

Wings outstretched, caught in the instant just prior to their complete opening.
In this impetus crystallized in time is enclosed the entire emotional, stylistic and value-driven nature of this design icon.
A lamp that, through its diffuser and the sinuous and curvy telescopic base epitomizes discontinuity, modernity, humor and grace, elegance and dynamism.
It is precisely thanks to the courage of having proposed these different aspetcs, even if conflicting, that Pipistrello stands the test of time with a unique charm.

Stylistic evolution

Different colors, sizes and uses: an irresistible charm

If Pipistrello has succeeded up until now in remaining always current and fascinating, it is not just thanks to its style and the design ingenuity of Gae Aulenti. Merit also goes to the company’s desire to dare and to re-propose it in different colors, dimensions and uses to better answer a continuously evolving market. And so, together with the current lamp come the Pipistrello Med and Mini Pipistrello models, the latter also in a cordless version in order to be easily moved based on needs. Pipistrello, Pipistrello Med and Mini Pipistrello also come in a dimmable version to enhance comfort and the different possibilities of use.

Tunable White

With this technological innovation, Martinelli Luce offers you flexible lighting thanks to a system that controls the intensity and temperature of the color, allowing you to customize your living space based on your feelings and emotions.

Intervening on your home’s lighting fixtures becomes easy and intuitive thanks to the app designed and built in collaboration with CASAMBI, compatible with Apple and Android systems, that easily allows controlling multiple lighting devices and adapting the light to your needs.