Architectural Products - Acoustic - Split

Ideal for open spaces and high ceilings, this luminaire bring together acoustics and light. This elegantly tapered fixture can be use as a direct or indirect light source and can be coupled with matching sound absorbing baffles. Only available in standalone units.

Specification sheet (PDF)

Installation sheet (PDF)

LED 700mA 26W 2,800 lm approx. 3000K 90 CRI
LED 700mA 26W 2,900 lm approx. 3500K 90 CRI
LED 700mA 26W 2,950 lm approx. 4000K 90 CRI

Anodised Effect Powder Coat
Black Powder Coated
Blue Powder Coated
Dark Bronze Effect Powder Coat
Green Powder Coated
White Powder Coated
Yellow Powder Coated