Discoco 53 Pendant Light from Marset


  • $2,187.00

Exuberant even when turned off, the richness of the light issuing from the Discocó lamp provides direct downward illumination along with a dramatic play of lights and soft shadows. Its detailed study of incident light and light that bounces off of both sides of the 35 disks provide the lamp with an appealing gradation of light nuances and depth. Further reflections dance off the chrome-covered sphere at the core, where the disks are anchored. When the light is turned off, it retains its attractive presence, hinting at the expansion of energy that is fully expressed when it is turned on. Two new tones, beige and grey, have been added to the existing color range, this time with a matte finish. A new 68 cm diameter is also available, making a total of five sizes to cover a host of applications.
  • Opaque disks made in moulded ABS.
  • Chrome semi-sphere.
  • It comes in different sizes and in different colors : white, black-gold, grey, beige. 


Product name: Discoco
Product code: A620-xxx
Company: Marset 

Light bulb



The delivery time for Marset products is approximately 3-6 weeks if not in stock at our warehouse

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