LedtubeR Wall Sconce Light from Marset


  • $690.00
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This version of the Ledtube incorporates the LED technology of its predecessor into an attractive round case. The swivel wall light is easy to use, with a built-in switch to turn the lamp on when it is open and off when it is folded. The 180 ° rotation of the lamp makes it ideal for any bed. 
  • Adjustable wall lamp with LED technology in a round casing.
  • Cylindrical shape made of injected aluminum and a frontal part made of transparent polycarbonate.
  • Light comes on automatically when the Ledtube is opened out, and goes off when it is closed.
  • 180° rotation.
  • Available in aluminum, black and white. 


Product name: LedtubeR
Product code: A622-xxx
Company: Marset 

Light bulb

1 X 3W / DEL 


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