Uxi Linear Lighting from Arturo Alvarez

Arturo Alvarez

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In the pendant lamp Uxi, beauty comes from the warmth of wood and also its sinuous and delicate shape. The small marine plywood pieces that form it, run across its structure, displaying the beauty of the internal face of the material instead of its surface, allowing light escape between them, giving it a certain sense of sweetness and musicality.
  • Frame is brushed steel finish.
  • The shade is made of a succession of strips in plywood. 


Product name: Uxi
Product code: UX04
Company: Arturo Alvarez 

Light bulb

Integrated LED

Important note: Arturo Alvarez orders may take up 3-4 months, if the products are not in stock.

The delivery time for Arturo Alvarez products is approximately 8-12 weeks if not in stock at our warehouse

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